Online shopping works as an escape, at least for many of us. Not only does it provide a boost of serotonin, but it also saves time when we already have a hectic schedule to deal with.

Now imagine, searching for a specific product all over the internet, and when you finally find your perfect match, the website says it doesn’t ship to your country. Frustrating, right?

There are many Turkish brand websites that don’t ship internationally due to some reasons. It might be expensive for the particular brand to cater to the international customers. Apart from the expenses, the brand might not have the capacity to deal with international shipment logistics at the moment. We also have to keep in mind that when shipping internationally, the brand might also have to pay for customs according to the country’s import and export regulations. One of the most famous Turkish shopping platforms, Trendyol, does not offer international shipping.

If you have a trusted source such as a family or friend in Turkey, you can simply get the package delivered to their respective address and ask them to forward it to you through courier services. You can also try ShopGo to be that trusted friend.

ShopGo can provide you with its warehouse address where you can get all your products delivered, have them packed into one big package, and get them delivered to your home country’s address through YuGo service. You will be in charge of selecting, ordering, and making payments for your products. ShopGo will be in charge of keeping track, handling, shipping, and delivering of your products.

You can also ask ShopGo to shop on your behalf by telling us the product/s you want through WeGo service. WeGo will place order, make payment, track delivery, ship delivery to your address, all on your behalf. The shipment made door to door service so you don’t have to stress about anything.

 Our GoJourney will ensure that you are aware of the entire package’s journey from order placing to order delivering. If you have to order more than one package, or even from different websites, ShopGo will store your orders at the warehouse until all your packages arrive, combine them as one, and send it to you to save shipping cost. Isn’t it the best friend you’ve always wanted?

Let no borders hold you back from fulfilling your shopping dreams!

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