Privacy Policy

Shopgobravo are committed to providing a pleasant service experience and respecting the privacy needs of all their customers, including protecting your personal and private information. This privacy policy is an integral part of the terms of use. We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy from time to time.

By browsing and using this website, you agree that “ https://shopgobravo.com will collect, save and use the information you entered for the needs of
managing and optimizing the service, operational, marketing and/or direct mail needs, and statistical needs, etc.

Shopgobravo will be entitled to use the details you provided during registration to send messages via e-mail (email) or text messages (SMS), for the purpose of management, operation, verification, identification, or any other action that may be required.

Shopgobravo will operate in accordance with the provisions of law regarding privacy, including the regulations adopted and the instructions issued pursuant to it.

It is clarified that you do not have to provide the information as mentioned and the delivery information is done of your free will and with your consent, however, without the delivery information, we may not be able to offer you our services and/or certain services

What is stated in this document is worded in the masculine language for convenience only, and is intended for both women and men.

Payment details and orders

If you place an order on the website, information that you use to place the order, such as the credit card details on which the transaction was made, the contact details of the person making the order, the details of your orders and/or any other information that may be related to your purchases, may be stored in the company’s database, In order to process this information and allow you to place additional orders in the future more efficiently. If the operation or processing of your order, or part of it, is entrusted to a third party, we will share the aforementioned details with the third party for the purposes of executing and completing the order only. As a result, you may receive communications from that third party (whether by email, text messages or any other communication method) regarding the execution of your order only.


Shopgobravo needs information from all its users in order to complete orders for products and services, therefore the user is required to provide contact information that includes name, address, telephone numbers, 17 for customs purposes and an email address. If there are difficulties or problems in completing the order or in the delivery of the order, this information will be used to contact with the user.

Is information about you transferred to third parties /not transferred to third parties

The company does not sell or rent the personal information you provided to any party not related to the company and/or its services. Your personal information may be processed to third parties solely for the purpose of assisting the company in performing its duties. With the exception of the above, we do not share the personal information with a third party except in accordance with the requirement of the law or in connection with ongoing legal proceedings.

You have the right to review the information

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, every person has the right to review the information regarding his matter held in a database. A person who has reviewed the information on it and finds that it is not correct, complete, clear or updated, may contact the owner of the database with a request to correct the information or, in cases Such a request should be directed to the company’s customer service (as detailed below).

Freedom of choice and mailing

The information will also be used for marketing, advertising and direct mail needs by us or on our behalf. We will be entitled to send you direct mail and advertisements in connection with our services (and subject to your consent, also in connection with other services or products), by any means of communication, including but not limited to e-mail, SMS messages, automatic dialing system and social networks. You can request to be deleted from the mailing list for advertisements and the mailing list for direct mail, by contacting the service center at the email address “customer@bravobazaar.com”. Or note that you may be sent mailings after the removal request that we are required and/or permitted to send you by law, Even without your consent.

Changes to the privacy policy

The company reserves the right to change the terms of this document from time to time. In such a case, the change will be automatically updated in the document and published on the website. Receiving a service after the announcement of changes as mentioned above, will indicate your agreement to these changes, and therefore we recommend that you review this document from time to time by the means that will be brought to your attention.

Service providers

We are allowed to own and use other recognized business companies in order to perform operations for us, all in accordance with this privacy policy. Examples of these business companies are: delivery and transport companies, various service providers and customs authorities. These third-party companies can receive personal information required to perform their operations and services, provided that they do not use this information for any other purpose.


The company does everything in its power and uses advanced technological and organizational security measures to secure the information under its control, against accidental or intentional exploitation, loss, destruction or against access or penetration by unauthorized or authorized persons and entities. If, and despite the advanced measures taken by the company, an unauthorized party succeeds in penetrating and/or hacking and/or causing damage to its servers, the company will not bear any responsibility. In addition, clicking on a link to third-party websites (such as social networks, clearing sites, etc.) that appear on Shopgobravo’s website will be done at the user’s sole responsibility.


Should a provision of this privacy policy be determined by the court to be illegal and/or invalid, then this will not invalidate the other provisions of the privacy policy and/or the other parts of that provision that were canceled and/or reduced by the court, which were not canceled or reduced. Any delay on our part in exercising a right that is due to us or our failure to assert a right that is due to us according to this privacy policy or according to law, is for the sake of law only and will not be used or considered as our waiver of said right.

Contact Information

You can email us at “customer@bravobazaar.com” with any questions or comments and for customer service through all the channels offered by the company and basic operational issues.
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